I’ve noticed a phenomenon.  Old people with something to sell do not know how to use twitter.

Old people with nothing to sell use twitter quite nicely.  They talk about birds, trips and birthdays. Great.  Communicating about whatever to whoever.

But old people with something to sell….look out.  These are people who always dreamed about taking a full page ad out in Life magazine, but never managed to get it done. The internet came along and they ignored it for about a decade.   Finally at a chamber of commerce seminar, they were introduced to twitter.

Most of their peers fell asleep in their soup at the notion of twitter. Just another dang thing to fool with.  But a few savy seniors “got it.” They got themselves an account and by God they were doing “online marketing.”

Buy this buy that.

Armed with years of knowledge gained from direct marketing books, they fire up their internet marketing machine. It takes a few days but they manage to follow a bunch of people who follow them back. It takes no time at all to gain an audience, not a big one, but an audience.  Sell sell sell: limited time, ALL CAPS and lots of exclamation points!!!

The younger business people, for the most part, see this as pretty lame.  Instead, they talk about their lives and interact with friends and “randoms” that they meet on twitter.  They are having interesting conversations and oh, by the way, they also design websites or offer SEO consulting or whatever.  The people they interact with know what they do, but they don’t shout about it.  They ask of their followers but they also give to their followers.

Many of these young tweeter snappers have something to sell or gain, but they aren’t all up in your face about it.  You learn about who they are, you learn how knowledgeable they are and if they have a sense of humor.  And whether they talk about it or not, you usually know what they are selling.

The young people are on to something here.

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