Recently I read a nice article on how to buy text links by Gab Goldenberg. Since I thought it was good stuff, I tweeted about it on Twitter. When Gab saw that I had retweeted his article he sent me a message on Twitter:


Now the reason I’m blogging about this is that not only is this a great article about paid links. I think it’s a great example on how to leverage multiple online platforms to gain an audience online. Smart techniques like this allow you not only to recycle content, but to reach your audience in several different ways.

A Prerequisite

Before I get into this, I want to point out something that should be obvious, but is too often overlooked. To stand out online, you need superb content. Gab’s article took a lot of work and is quite clever. You see top 10 lists all the time, but 101 good, original link building tips is something you don’t see every day.

Guest Post Glory

Writing a guest post on a respected blog like Searchenginejournal.comis a great way to gain an audience and credibility. Of course in order to write on a well respected blog, you’ll need your own blog with good content.

Social Media Love

People (myself included) like to share links on social media sites. A lot of folks come back to a few blogs regularly to learn and to share links. When your content is shared on social networks, your message is amplified. This is important to understand because a lot of internet marketers focus exclusively on getting links for SEO reasons, but social media is growing rapidly as a legitimate way to gain an audience even without the SEO benefit.

Applications on top of Social Media

The interesting thing about platforms like Twitter is that getting retweeted a lot is starting to matter. Sites like and are using the Twitter platform to sort popular content by the number of times they are retweeted. The articles that are retweeted frequently go to the top of the list and get additional exposure on these sites. So not only can your content gain initial exposure on Twitter, views can then grow exponentially if you get a significant number of retweets. In addition to Twitter, Gab is also leveraging Sphinn, Retweetist, Tweetmeme, Digg, FriendFeed, Facebook and many other social platforms.

More Blogs

Gab did a smart thing by reaching out to people who retweeted his post. He realized that he had a group of people who were giving him props. Not only that, some of these people have blogs. So he did something that a lot of people don’t have the guts (or nerve) to do…he just asked for a favor. Thus, I obliged and linked to Gab’s article.

Search Engines

My link is going to help (slightly) that article rank higher in the search engines. My single link alone won’t help this article tremendously, but a few links from different bloggers and other sources will. This will give Gab’s article more exposure through the other search engines and Gab will gain yet another channel for distributing his content. This is a smart way to leverage social media for SEO….nicely done Gab.


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