I want to give a big thank you for Deborah Hall and everyone at the NAER conference. I had a great time presenting and really enjoyed the group. I have put together some videos of the presentation as well as a few other videos and resources that I thought would be useful. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach me through the “Contact Us” form at the top or email me here. – Ryan Evans

New Media

A brief explanation on how media is changing.

Seth Godin discusses “Tribes”

This video is a bit long for internet standards at 17 minutes but is a good explanation on how marketing is changing.

Organic Search and PPC Explained

A brief explanation on how organic and pay per click search works in Google

Getting to the top of Google

An overview of a few main ways to get to the top of Google’s search results.

Market by Teaching

Jason Fried is a Chicago entrepreneur who founded a successfully software company and explains how to market by teaching.

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Are you Twittering Yet?

A short explanation on what twitter is and why on earth some would want to use it. You can see Ryan’s Twitter page here: www.twitter.com/RyanEvans Follow Ryan and he’ll follow you back!

A Little Twitter Etiquette

Blasting your message all over Twitter isn’t usually the best strategy. Interact with people and they’ll know what you do. Twitter is a great tool for self promotion, but use it sparingly.

A Nightline Piece on Twitter

Nightline explains what Twitter is and interviews the founders of Twitter.

Using Linkedin

Ryan talks about different ways to use linkedin.

Youtube for Business

Using Youtube or other video services can be a great way to increase exposure and demonstrate knowledge in your industry.

How to Hide Connections on Linkedin

This shows how to keep people from being able to see the connections you have on linkedin.

How to to a Company Search on Linkedin

This is a demonstration on how to search for companies and mine valuable data on Linkedin.


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