Economic Cycles and Pay Per Click

Last month, Lisa Wehr published a very timely article about PPC performance in economic cycles. This article explains why online paid advertising grew by almost 200% throughout the recession of the early 2000s. She focused on advertising basics – accountability, flexibility, and cost efficiency – the major benefits of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising over traditional print media such as the Yellow Pages.

It’s All About PPC ROI

In tough economics times, advertising and marketing professionals are sharpening their pencils and paying very close attention to ROI. Over the next year or so, less will be spent on branding initiatives and more on flexible online advertising that is easy to track and flexible. This flexibility allows advertisers to quickly adjust to changing advertising budgets.

Ad Spending Online is Flexible

It’s hard to quantify the ROI of a Yellow Pages or magazine ad up front, just as it is with a PPC ad. The PPC ad, however, can be tested in real time and can be held accountable for the results is produces. Unlike Yellow Pages, if you get bad results on your PPC program, it can be altered or stopped completely – with print advertising, you’ve already spent the money and accountability has to wait until the next printing.

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