Content is King

Most people understand that putting a lot of high quality content on your website is very important. It’s important to write about things that your potential customers are interested in. This content is crucial for attracting new visitors through the search engines and it’s important to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field.

Organize Content for Performance

However, it is important to understand that no one will read every word on your website. In fact, most people will read very little of your text. How much of our site have you read? People gather information on websites by scanning the text and picking up on visual cues. People scan, form an impression and then either leave or take action. This process happens within a few minutes, or if you aren’t doing things right, a few seconds. It is important to organize your content in a way that visitors will naturally interact with it to maximize your site’s performance.

Use Your Headers

It is a good idea to use headers to break up text. Your heading should summarize the paragraph that you are writing about. This helps readers identify specific paragraphs that they are interested in. Not only does this help your readers, it helps the search engines read and understand your content too.

Keep Paragraphs Short

Your paragraphs should be just long enough to explain your point. People will often skim through a long paragraph, but they will more likely read a short paragraph. (See, you just read that whole paragraph.)

Make Relevant Content Accessible

It is always a good idea to try to minimize the clicks a visitor has to make. Group content by topics or concepts and organize your site so that similar content is easy to navigate to. This can be done through internal links or by top or side navigation.

Let Them Take Action Already

Don’t expect that people will need to read about every aspect of your business before they take action. People gain confidence in your website at various stages of their browsing. Because of that, having a call to action at every stage of their navigation is important.


  1. Planning your content out ahead of building or redesign a site is also helpuful. There are simple techniques for building a content map, frequently revolving around category and tag usage, which will keep your content focused.

    The keys are 1) Plan and 2) Look comprehensively at all of the types of content you can/will produce. Doing so will make the site building experience better and will keep you from having to constantly redo your site.

    Scott Ellis
    12/10/09 at 3:22 pm
  2. I’m learning so much. This is great ;)

    Candance Kirschbaum
    06/24/10 at 8:29 pm

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