“Blast into cyberspace”

I had someone tell me that they wanted to shoot a few sales videos and “blast them into cyberspace.” I had to ROFL on the inside.  This guy seemed to think that if he could just get his sales propaganda onto this internet thing, people would come a runnin.’

This is a pretty common thought pattern when it comes to marketing on the web.  Why is it so prevalent? Well because this it has actually been right for a very long time.  When distribution channels were expensive (newspapers, radio, tv etc) all you needed was access either through advertising or PR or luck.  There wasn’t much mystery as to what the marketing channels were.  They were so standard that they have lingered in marketing textbooks for a long time.  Once you gained access, a bunch of people would hear about your great company and buy your stuff.  The marketing message almost didn’t matter too much. It was all about accessing the channel.

The internet has changed all that big time.
1. Information is free
2. Information is easy to access.
3. Information on every subject you can imagine is pretty good (or better than it was).
4. Information is everywhere.

Today the internet is fast becoming the new singular mega marketing channel. One sounds simpler than many, but the internet is not simplifying marketing. It is making it much more complex.  The channels within the mega channel are nearly infinite.  Twitter, Facebook, Flicker, Google, Yahoo, blogs, RSS feeds, Digg, Youtube, etc are all very important and yet rapidly evolving. Textbooks can not write about these monsters because they will change in dramatic fashion by the time the book comes out.

The interesting change here is that access to the marketing channels is much easier than it used to be. To gain access to the all-powerful google all you have to do is put up a website. It’s free and Google will find you without doing a thing.  So it is now easy to “blast” your marketing message into cyberspace. The problem is for marketers, is that it is also easy for everyone else to do the same.  What matters now is how you use channels and what your message is.

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