A lot of marketers get pretty excited when they first learn about new avenues of marketing online.  Traffic coming from organic search and social media is not only a great way to access a targeted audience but it’s also FREE…or is it?  Sure you don’t have to fork out dough to publishers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t very real financial costs involved.

When it comes to organic search results this is obvious to most people.  Everyone wants to “rank #1 for Google” and few people have the technical knowledge to understand how to do this.  So turning to an expert is an obvious next step, which costs money.

There is still a lingering impression, though, that social media is free. Not only is social media not free, it can be pretty expensive. It doesn’t cost anything to open an account on Twitter.  But opening an account doesn’t get you very far. You don’t have to pay anyone to send out tweets so Twitter seems free, but this is actually where it gets expensive.

Building an audience takes good content.  Good content comes from talented people and takes precious time. Precious time X talented people = $$$.

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