We finally did it. We’ve officially launched Bitesize PR. When did we launch it? I don’t know. We didn’t have a big official launch date, so I’m not exactly sure when it was officially “launched”. It started sometime this winter and has quickly snowballed into a full-blown business. In any case, it’s launched.

We started off testing it with fellow entrepreneur friends and, by golly, it worked. But way back in early 2011, it was simple. We had no website, no application, no writers, no dynamic media database and a fraction of the media requests. We got honest feed back from some very smart people. We improved, built things and hired, but we are just getting started.

So what the heck is Bitesize PR? The simplest way to describe it is Small Business PR, but it’s more than that. It’s better than that. Take a look.

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